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Meet Mr and Mrs Gottin.

Mrs Gottin likes shopping, salons and TV. Mr Gottin likes the Sports pages and the telephone. What do they both hate? Kids.

See what they did to theirs

This is their son, Ferg.

If Ferg had been bought from a store, the Gottins would have returned him and demanded a refund. But of course they can’t, so they do the next best thing. They send him to the world’s most horrid school ...

Are you ready to see it?

... Horrid High!!

It’s a school for orphans, runaways and rejects. It’s a school where you can dump your kids and forget about them.

See what the school looks like

Four miserable dorms – Dimwit, Scumbag, Lowlife and Nincompoop.

No beds, no showers and no playground. Just rickety stairs, leaky ceilings, an overgrown schoolyard and taps that drip green water. Yes. Green!

And it has the world's most horrid teachers!!


Friends. Ferg makes four extraordinary ones.

Fermina Filch: pickpocket.
Phil Fingersmith: lock-picker.
Immy Tate: mimic.
Mesmer Martin: hypnotist.

Are there any grown-ups that aren't horrid?

Along comes one super-cool, jungle-saving Granny...

With four chihuahuas and a lesson from the wild: "Every animal, even the most powerful one, has its weakness."

What happens next?

Tantrums will be thrown
Tears will be shed
Chaos will reign.

Will Ferg and his friends stop their teachers from unleashing horridness everywhere?

Open the gates of Horrid High and find out!

Blow out the candles to ruin the grand party
and scroll down for a sneak peek of the book.

Go on, turn the pages, you know you want to ...

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